We can print on any medium and in all formats

The continuous production of printed materials, in any format and any medium, is the driving force of our workshop equipped with professional and cutting edge equipment.

We can print on all materials used for various visual communications: directions, signs, logos, advertisements and information.

We have a cutting plotter for example, to create decals in small, medium and large formats. The plotter cuts the adhesive PVC creating shapes, stored directly by the vector file, such as text or logos to be used on vehicles, glass, panels and signs. The decal is an adhesive that can be in various colours, including metallic, satin and reflecting. These adhesives have a long life and the outside ones in particular are weather-resistant.


Our prints

  • Pre-spaced Lettering (Decals). Adhesives to be applied on most materials such as glass, walls and plastic and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Painted adhesive. One type of adhesive that is used when it is not possible to use the decal, such as on iron corten. For this reason the adhesive is created using a reverse process: the parts of a specially cut mask are coloured, a mask which, once removed from the surface on which it is placed, leaves the painted image.
  • Embossing. These are prints made on forex, which is cropped, creating the desired shape, and then applied to the surface of choice.
  • Window Decals. An adhesive specifically for glass and particularly shop windows.
  • Vehicle decorations. All the decorations applied to the body of a vehicle, including motorcycles and also airplanes.
  • Printing on Canvas.  This printing is done on cloth, suitable to be applied to walls or  stapled onto wooden frames for scenic effect.