Our service is taking a fresh and innovative direction, which gives us great satisfaction: interior design.

We make suggestions to architects and designers regarding the various qualities of the materials that can be used to create special fittings and decorations, such as types of specific adhesive films or methods for creating images on iron corten, glass and walls.

The service is aimed at showrooms, car showrooms, shops, homes and anyone who takes pleasure in creating a different atmosphere with refined furnishings, whether spiritual or practical.

We can supply and install, for example, non-slip paper to be applied to the ground to create plays of colour and shapes, or special adhesives that create an effect of “a graphic fresco”, to be applied to the walls or other rough surfaces.

We are also experienced in the application of adhesive films on glass, of all colours, satin or darkening from the outside and transparent from the inside, depending on the requirements of the  interior. We can install glazes to divide the spaces within a single room. We have magnetic adhesives for various uses or adhesive non-slip mats, which can be applied to the ground and have images printed on them such as your company logo, a nice welcome for your customers as they arrive!

Our interior design service is a practical support for the design concept, using quality products that last a lifetime.

The decorative installation for Cantina Antinori in Toscana (a project by Studio Archea Associati) is one of our best interior design achievements, and we are truly proud of it. The last our realization Mercato Centrale Firenze.